For our first drop we like to welcome you all to the African Drops community by literally saying Akwaaba! Meaning Welcome in Twi. As we Start our journey in Accra Ghana, Akwaaba is one of the first sayings you will here and see because its spelled in big bright letters on top off the arrival hall at the airport. With our first drop we want to introduce you to a new way of experiencing Africa.

For our T-shirt we translated the feeling of joy at arrival at the airport. So let us introduce Kotoka revering to Kotoka international Airport. The bright colors stand for the happiness off being (back) in Africa. The shapes of the prints stand for the excitement of stepping in the .... hall where you can expect everything from family reunions up to a full on parties complete with music and a good dose of dance moves. because no arrival is ever the same this also counts for our shirts making every shirt one of a kind

As we are starting a journey is good to have all your essentials close at hand. That's where our fanny pack Kotoku comes in. Kotoku means strong Carrybag in Ga. Kotoku is mostly use to store goods or as groasarybag for when you go to the local market. The colorful prints are just what you need to give that extra bit of drip on that already banger outfit. keeping your hands free while being on the move.

Settle in, get comfortable and soon we will start showing you more this beautiful country got to offer. Team African Drops