About Us

African Drops is a community brand. We African Drops are making a journey through Africa. On this journey we show you parts of Africa that you might have never seen before, cultures, places and people. Through our products we tell you stories of the many interesting things the continent Africa beholds.
African Drops is the connection between western and African fashion. By AD being this bridge, we want to spread the love of Africa. Of course, a bridge works two ways, with the connection we make we want to empower people. Make people proud of their heritage, by fully embracing their roots. African Drops is for all children off Mama Africa. Proud to wear brands that are like AD, raw. We come with raw stories & raw African materials.
Our products are made to be worn at any situation not just for the special occasions. Able to be worn by all, we aim to see every corner of Africa and the many culture of beholds.

African Drops is a community that welcomes all people to join our journey. A journey where all are accepted and appreciated. A generational community of our own, where we have a voice. A place with a say in the information we spread and receive, but also in the fashion we wear, Influenced by African cultures. And to disperse from the status quo. Our hand tailor made products are crafted by our local Ghanaian tailors that have over 30 years of experience. As adaptable as our designs are, they are intriguing. But not in your face, as the prints are part of the whole, and not the whole itself.
African Drops fashion with drops of African Flavour.