Collection: Makola

For our second drop we chose to give you the people, tote bags. Tote bags that are inspired by our time in Ghana visiting the Makola market. A market filled with all kinds of people and all kinds of products. A market where you can get lost but one where you will never get bored.

We chose to give you these tote bags to keep your essentials close with you. Great for a day at the park but also great to go do grocery shopping with. And as we would like to put the focus on self-care with this collection, what better to have a bag to keep all your self care essentials in.

And as this drop is all about self-care we decided to gift you with something new this time. With each other you make, you receive a little pot filled with 100% Shea Butter. A gift from us to ensure you remain dripping in sauce and avoid the ashy. 

We hope you enjoy!