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As you guys know, we at African Drops love music. All kinds of course, but with a preference to anything afro related or influenced. As many of you, we too enjoy the bangers by artists like Burna Boy, Rema & WizKid. But we thought it was time to also mention the artists that came before all these big names now. 

African music hasn't always been as popular as it is now. Many people didn't consider listening, and others didn't even take it serious. But to us at African Drops, African music has always been a part of the household. We decided to look back at some of our favourite songs from back in the day that our parents and family members blasted at home or at parties. Songs that we now still love to hear and give us a feeling of nostalgia. And we are sure that these songs will hit close to home to some of the readers. We recommend that you play the songs while reading this.

First up on the list is the song Tuobodom, by the artist Nkasei. An absolute classic for us. This is a song that you immediately remember when hearing, you remember what a tune this is and your most fond time hearing this song is. That time you went to Ghana in the summer to visit family. And one of your cousins that live in Ghana introduce you to the Ghanaian genre of Hiplife.

Hiplife then, was a genre that dominated in the segment of high school, college and university students in Ghana. Where artist like Sarkodie, Samini and Nkasei shined. These artists were loved by many and were stars of the Ghanaian music scene. Sarkodie being one of the fastest rappers of the country. Bringing a Twister / Busta Rhymes type flow and style but in the Ghanaian language. Samini (then going by the name of Batman) being one of the fathers of the genre. A versatile artist that was able to make hits in many different genres and still loved by many. 

Next up is another Ghanaian classic, but this one is more of a party one. A tune that we got to appreciate more and more with age, Odo Nwom by Kofi Nti ft Ofori Amponsah. If you were ever a child at a Ghanaian party of any kind, at a birthday, family gathering or a wedding, you'll immediately have the image of all the aunties dancing to this. Waving their handkerchiefs up and down and the uncles all feeling young again after a few drinks and killing the dance floor. That's what they thought they were doing at least. 

Just like the previous song, Odo Nwom was in a genre of its own. It was a hit among others in the genre of Highlife. Another genre that originated from Ghana. Where the melodic and rhythmic structures from Akan music is combined with the use of western instruments. A genre that was a favourite for most parties hosted by Ghanaians.

Next up is a big one. A song that immediately put a smile on my face and hyped me up the moment I heard the beat drop. If this song doesn't make you throw your shoulders from side to side like the artist in the video clip at 3:10, then I don't know what will. It's Daddy Lumba - Aben Wo Aha. Another party classic, this was the song that would get all the uncles and aunties going. Doesn't matter what they were doing or who they were talking to, when Aben Wo Aha comes on, you had to go dance.

Multiple award-winning artist Daddy Lumba not only had the moves but knew how to make people move with his great voice and rhythmic beats. With a music career that has been around over the span of three decades. It's safe to say that Daddy Lumba is one of the greats in Ghanaian music.

Last and definitely not the least, a love song that surely has a special place in hearts of many Africans. A song that isn't just for the Ghanaians, but one that actually comes from our friends from Nigeria. 

2Face - African Queen. A song that many have heard and love, one that you can't help but sing along to. A song that I personally believe should be played more often. Not only a beautiful song, but a reminder that black is beautiful, that Africa is full of queens and has produced many queens around the world. 

These are the songs that we chose to share with you. Of course these songs can be found in our African Drops Spotify Playlist. We hope that these songs have a special place for you readers. And if they don't we hope that these songs are also enjoyed by you. 

Go check out the playlist and give it a follow, and let us know on social media what oldies are gold to you.


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