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After learning your first words its time for our first destination. In our first destination blog we want to share the experience off arriving in Ghana at Accra Kotoka International Airport (ACC). We will share some Facs and some Experiences. 

Kotoka International Airport is located in Accra Capital of the beautiful Ghana West Africa. Its a hub for international, reginal and domestics flights and also doubles as military base. Build in the second world war and opened for passengers in 1958. Then known as Accra International Airport with an annual capacity of 500,000 passengers a year. In 1969 It was renamed to Kotoka International airport in honour of General Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka who had a big roll in the military's coup leaded by Jerry Rawlings. In present day some people argue this name and naming it back to it's original name since it discredits Ghana's founding father Kwame Nkrumah. 

In 2018 The new terminal 3 was build increasing the annual capacity to 5 million passengers a year. At this moment 25 airlines fly from and to 35 destinations world wide. So where ever you are world wide big chance there is a flight to Ghana near you.

When you start that final descent and you can start feeling the excitement of arriving. Last couple of meters and Touchdown! Its a short taxi to the final position. the doors open and everyone starts rushing out the plane. You grap your bag and head down to the most closed plain door near you. As soon as you take that first step out of the plain and it hits you. That Ghana air. Some love it some hate is but one thing is for sure you have arrived. After taking the bus to the costumes you have to wait for your suitcase. After finally gathering all your belongings it's time to pass the final checkpoint and walk in to the arrival hall. The arrival hall is the place of joy. In the arrival hall you can see everything from family reunions to full out drum performances and singing chorus. This joy is what inspired us to name our T-shirt after Kotoka international airport as we wish to share that joy off arriving 

Where will we go next find out in de next destination journey blog post 

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