My first Ghanaian words

Going to new places means meeting new people. When traveling knowing some words can make getting around much easier. That's why in this week journey blog we are going to teach you your first new words. In Ghana there are over 11 spoken languages. We picked four of them and covered some basic expressions for you to learn.

The first expression is classified as all-round Ghanaian.

Chalé Meaning friend. This word can be used in every setting from joking around to expressing disbelief. You can't visit Ghana without hearing it on a daily basis. So Chalé lets get learning!


Twi: is the most spoken language in ghana and is spoken by the Ashanti people.

Ga: Ga is spoken by the Ga- Dangme people mostly located around the captial city of Accra

Ewe: Ewe is spoken by the Ewe people that can be found in the east of Ghana and Togo

Hausa: Hausa is spoken by the Hausa people that can be found in the north of Ghana and spanning in surrounding countries 

Greeting when you see someone

Twi: Agoo

Ga: Miiŋa bo! 

Ewe: Woé zɔ

Hausa: Sannu

How are you doing - I'm doing good

Twi: Etesen? - Me ho yε

Ga: Te oyɔɔ tɛŋŋ?- Mi yɛ ojogbaŋŋ

Ewe:  Ɛfoa? - Me fo. Wo ha ɛfoa?
Hausa: Yaya kake? - Ina yin kyau


What is your name - My name is..

Twi: Yefre wo sen? - Yefre me [your name]

Ga: Te atsɛɔ bo tɛŋŋ? - Migbɛi ji [your name]

Ewe: Nkowode? - Nkɔnye nye [your name]

Hausa: Menene sunanka? - sunana shi ne [your name]


Goodbye !

Twi: Nante yiye

Ga: Yaaba jogbaŋŋ!

Ewe: mia dogo

Hausa: ban kwana!

This was our first introduction to some of Ghana's languages but there is so much more to learn in the future. Want to be part of one of our journey blog post? Contact us and let us know what you would like to share with the community!

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