At African Drops we want to share Africa the way we see it through our Journey. We want to share information of cultures, people and places. But one thing that is an absolute must, is music. 

Music is something that has been loved by us from the beginning of time for us. Music has always been involved in our lives and will definitely remain in our lives. From dancing to music all the way to making music. We have a love for music that comes from Africa, but also music that is inspired by Africans. And of course, music made by people of African descent. That is why our playlist isn't only filled with afro tunes, but music that we feel fits with us, African Drops. 

Our playlist is not the only form of music sharing that we'll be doing. From time to time we will be sharing blog posts in the topic of music. These can contain anything from a top list, to music recommendations and discoveries, and interviews with artists. 

For our first music blog post, we decided to include a local artist that we know of. His music can be found in our playlist and he goes by the name of Yacn A. Wastara. An artist that has been active for 5 years in his genre. A fresh voice that graces any tropical beat it touches. Truly an artist to look out for, with a collection of songs that will make you bop your head and move your hips without you knowing it. 

Yacn A. Wastara

I got the chance to speak with Yacn and ask him what music is to him. Music to Yacn is life. It's a way of capturing vibes, vibes that you can't express in words but feel through his music. He makes music to express himself and share his feeling and vibe with us. Just like for us, Yacn grew up surrounded by music. He comes from a family where music was always there. A family that was always singing and dancing, but he is the first to actually become an artist. With his music he wants to bring people together, if that's on the dancefloor or at home. 

These are things that hit close to home for me. And that is why Yacn is an artist that fits with what African Drops is. Go check out his instagram to stay updated with new releases and upcoming projects at: @yacn_wastara 

And of course, don't forget to check out his songs Ela & Nakuwaza in our African Drops Spotify Playlist.


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