We are live!!
After a long learning process for two young Ghanaian-Dutch men with a dream. After a process of over 2 years of talking about a dream and working on a dream, we are delighted to finally share our results with the world. In our first drop we will take the time to not only introduce ourselves but also our community.
Expect culture served to you in multiple ways.
With African Drops we hope to create a place where knowledge and style are shared in interactive ways. Feel free to start an interaction and help build the African Drops experience by being part of it.
We would like to give a special thank you to everyone that made African Drops a reality and to all the support we've received during this process.
Much love to you all.
Kevin Odametey & Jango Mensah
Team African Drops
Here's a picture of us mid-2018 after receiving our first samples and coming to the conclusion that African Drops was going to be a thing. From this day on African Drops 

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